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Gypsum Plaster

Gypsum Plaster

Surface Preparation: The bond of any plaster to a cement or masonry substrates depends on good suction. Some masonry products and concrete have poor suction and bonding the plaster will be questionable coatings may have been applied to the masonry ...

On Shop/Site Inspection of Marble/ Granite

On Shop/Site Inspection of Marble/ Granite

There are various ways to check marble/granite on site some of them are mentioned below:- 1.Check with Sample (Base Colour) 2.Thickness 3.Cracks 4.Difference in veins(design) of same marble 5.Bend in Slabs 6.Porosity Check 7.Length & Width according to site requirement ...

Diamond Polishing of Marble/Stone

Diamond Polishing:                                      To polish marble using Diamond Polishing Method.  Materials Required:- Buffing Machine Cutting Stone  Mop, mop bucket and wringer Vacuum Cleaner Brush Putty Blade Buffing Pad Roller/Floor Wiper White Cotton Cloth 2-4 lbs Stone Polishing Compound 1 case Stone ...

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